Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Things To Do In The Immediate Days Before You Travel

Smart Travel & Incentives is delighted to present some quick pre-vacation reminders that can prove invaluable before embarking on a trip. Travel preparation typically starts several weeks ahead of time, butSmart Travel & Incentives is only focusing on what people need to do immediately before they leave for your vacation or business trip. Smart Travel & Incentives provides superior vacation and travel deals at surprisingly reasonable prices. To help their valued clients turn their travel dreams into reality, Smart Travel & Incentives also features vacation destination reviews and travel advice to make traveling the best it can be. Because they are concerned about environmental issues, Smart Travel & Incentives likewise offers guidance about how to plan eco-friendly vacations. At Smart Travel & Incentives, they are extremely proud of their dedication to their clients and ability to make vacation dreams come true.

One Day Before Leaving

• To ensure there aren’t any cancellations or delays, travelers should call or check online to verify their flight reservations.

• Travelers should pack all bags, only leaving out necessities that must be used the next day like medication or toothbrushes, and set it right next to the front door so it’s ready to go.

• Travelers should be certain to take back all rented items like DVDs and library books.

• In order to help them survive, travelers should adequately water all of their indoor plants and move them to a location that is indirectly lit and cool.

• Travelers should look through their kitchen carefully and dispose of anything that can go bad including fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products and set their refrigerator to its lowest setting.

• If they are driving themselves to the airport, travelers should make sure the vehicle they will be using is filled with gas, has optimal pressure in all four tires and that all of their fluids are topped off.

The Day of the Trip

• Prepare a thorough list of instructions and emergency contact numbers for house and/or pet sitters.

• Be sure to check that all windows and doors are locked and secure.

• Travelers should walk through every room in their house to make sure no appliances are still turned on and also unplug any expensive appliances in case there’s a power surge while they’re away.

• If they are leaving any pets at home travelers should make certain that there is enough food and water out until they get home or until the pet sitter’s first scheduled visit.

• Travelers should also remove any garbage from their home or they will likely come back to an unpleasant and smelly surprise.

• In addition, travelers should make sure the setting are correct on any alarms and home security cameras etc.

• Set up security measures, like automatic timers for lights, radios and televisions to make it look like the house isn’t vacant for an extended period of time.

• Adjust the temperature on the water heater a bit lower and set the thermostat to between 68 and 72 regress, depending on the season.

To make sure you are prepared for your next vacation, Smart Travel & Incentives presents this helpful checklist. Smart Travel & Incentives can help you schedule your next vacation so the vacation of a lifetime is within your reach with their reasonably priced vacation packages and superior customer support. At Smart Travel & Incentives, their customers are the most indispensable factor in their business and they will do everything possible to make sure you are 100% satisfied with their services.


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