Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Bahamas Beaches


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Pink sands Beach

The Caribbean Travel and Life magazine rated this beach as one of the best in the Caribbean. As the name implies, the sand is pink. It offers some of the safest place to swim in the Bahamas thanks to the coral reef protecting it. Pink Sand Beach is located near Dunmore Town and right by Pink Sands Hotel. There are some hotels located rather close to the beach but not adjacent to it, which means you can relax here without encountering the hordes of tourists.

Smith’s Point Beach

Smith’s Point Beach is located in Lucaya, adjacent to Taino Beach. It is famous for its Wednesday night “Fish Fry.”

Stocking Island Beaches

Easily reachable by boat from Elizabeth Harbour, Stocking Island has some of the finest white sand beaches in The Bahamas. Snorkelers and divers love to explore the island’s blue holes, coral gardens and undersea caves. Stocking Island is also home to Stromatolites, which are said to be the oldest.

Tahiti Beach

You’ll find this to be one of the quietest beaches in Abacos. This is one of the more popular beaches for couples and those who love to sail. Abacos is a popular sailing port and the beach is quite nice. To get there, you’ll either have to sail in from the sea or walk or bike along a gravel road. Cars can’t drive on the road, which is one of the reasons the beach remains quiet. Be sure to bring

Taino Beach

The park at Taino Beach is a prized possession of the Freeport/Lucaya Council. The space has been leased from the Grand Bahama Port Authority for 99 years and has been developed into an area to be enjoyed by both Bahamians and visitors.

Ten Bay Beach

There aren’t any facilities on the beach which probably makes it even more appealing if you are looking for an intimate beach. The beach is located close to Governors Harbour but the closest hotel, Quality Inn Cigatoo is at more than 15 miles away. That’s why you can count on this beach to be intimate and not crowded.

Treasure Cay Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There’s a huge resort here and the location is starting to get trendier, hence more expensive, but there are still good deals to find. The beach is located in Treasure Cay Village, on the island of Abaco. There is plenty of accommodation available near or on the beach. Treasure Cay Hotel Resort & Marina is located right on the beach but if you are looking for something cheaper you can try to book one of the villas or condos.

Western Esplanade Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Bahamas located near Nassau. You can walk to Western Esplanade from downtown Nassau in about 10 minutes, so if you are staying at a Nassau hotel this is a great choice. This Bahamas beach is also sometimes referred to as Junkanoo Beach by the locals, and tourists will be happy to find public restrooms, changing areas, and restaurants serving snack-type food and drinks.


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