Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Your Winter Vacation Options

Smart Travel & Incentives has put together a list of recommended vacation locations for this winter season.   For your convenience we have grouped them into 5 recommendations each for cold vacations and hot vacations.

Smart Travel & Incentives offers premium travel and vacation packages at amazing affordable rates.  To help you make your dream come true, Smart Travel & Incentives also offers travel reviews, guides and articles about vacation destinations.  Smart Travel & Incentives is also interested in eco-tourism and green vacations and offers articles and tips about eco-friendly vacations.  Here at Smart Travel & Incentives, we take pride in being able to assist you with planning your dream vacation and Smart Travel & Incentives hopes to assist you by making your dreams come true.

Smart Travel & Incentives Presents: Get Your Chill On!

Alaska –  Alaska has a little something for everyone from dog sledding to viewing the northern lights.  Known for its extreme cold, with a little care and precaution Alaska has lot of entertainment options and activities for the entire family.

Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe has been one of the most famous winter holiday vacation spots in the United States for years. With an average annual snowfall of 360 inches, Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland full of fun and excited for the whole family.

New England – New England is one of the most historic places in the entire United States with a number great historic sites throughout the area to include Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Massachusetts and Maine offer some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country and New Hampshire is home to the spectacular White Mountain area.

Wisconsin Dells – The Wisconsin Dells, a small northern town offers some of the very best vacation packages around.  For instance the Great Wolf Lodge is home to one of the largest indoor water parks in the United States.  A visit to the Wisconsin Dells offers the best of both worlds in the winter time: a brisk snowy day outside and a beautiful summer day at a water park indoors.

Yellowstone – The Yellowstone National Park is one of the most famous winter destinations in the United States and offers everything from learning programs to lodging which is ideal for the whole family.

Smart Travel & Incentives Presents: When You’re Hot You’re Hot!

Austin, Texas – Austin, Texas, has great weather in January with warm days and cool nights.  The city offers a nice mix of architecture, history, museums, hiking trails, shopping and an exciting night life.

Orlando – If being hot is your goal, then look no further than Orlando.  Orlando has a wide variety of attractions to include Walt Disney which offers great winter discounts.   There are the great beaches, exotic restaurants and more.

Las Vegas – Las Vegas is the destination choice for many who enjoy both sun and fun.  Las Vegas is about as fun as a place can be with all the bright lights of the strip, great entertainment and evening shows, shopping, fine dining and of course gambling.

Myrtle Beach – South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is a great place to vacation in winter.  The locals are extremely friendly and the prices are reasonable.  Known for its “Southern Hospitality” in Myrtle Beach everyone is treated like family.

Virginia Beach – Virginia Beach is great for the entire family with its golden sand beaches and amazing boardwalk.  And getting there is half the fun.  To reach Virginia Beach you first encounter a series of bridges and tunnels.  There are many shops along the way too.


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