Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews Top Destinations In U.S. Cities

Smart Travel & Incentives offers reviews of fabulous vacation destinations.  Smart Travel & Incentives offers great incentive packages at discounted prices.  Smart Travel & Incentives is here to assist with all your family vacation planning.

Smart Travel & Incentives offers premium travel and vacation packages at amazing affordable rates.  To help you make your dream come true, Smart Travel & Incentives also offers travel reviews, guides and articles about vacation destinations.  Smart Travel & Incentives is also interested in eco-tourism and green vacations and offers articles and tips about eco-friendly vacations.  Here at Smart Travel & Incentives, we take pride in being able to assist you with planning your dream vacation and Smart Travel & Incentives hopes to assist you by making your dreams come true.

The United States is filled with amazing cities for travelers to explore. From the awe inspiring sites of the city of New York to the wonders in Chicago and San Francisco, we are lucky to have some to the top destinations for travel never very far away. From culture and history to shopping, dining and arts, visit the top cities in the U.S., a great way to enjoy your vacation with Smart Travel & Incentives.

Boston – Located in Massachusetts, Boston is one of the most historical cities in the U.S. Events and activities are offered throughout the summer and are focused on the rich history of the U.S. and its early formation.

Chicago – The windy city, fall and summer are great times to visit Chi town. Here you can enjoy historical sites and amazing structures including the John Hancock building. Great sites include museums and aquariums.

Los Angeles – Free and inexpensive events and activities are easy to find in LA. Other events include theatre and fine dining throughout the city. LA is a great place to visit for families and friends alike.

New York – The busiest city in the U.S., New York City will be welcoming almost 50 million travelers this year alone. Top sites include:

  • Ellis Island
  • Empire State Building
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Upcoming – 9/11 Memorial

Orlando – In Florida, Orlando is known as the city with the most amusement parks. Disney is just one of many great family destinations you can enjoy in Orlando year round. Avoid summer and visit in fall to avoid the crowds.

San Francisco – Found in California, San Francisco has comfortable year round temperatures and many amazing waterfront destinations to explore. Known for friendly people and great food, top sites include:

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Golden Gate Bridge and Park

Washington DC – Our nation’s capital, Washington is home to the Smithsonian and much more. Historic sites from hundreds of years ago still stand as a reminder of our nation’s history.  Washington D.C. is one of the most popular family destinations in the U.S.

Whether you enjoy exploring big cities or small town America, Smart Travel & Incentives   invites you to explore more for less with us. A members only travel club, Smart Travel & Incentives offers deep discounts on travel and travel services and more. Save on cruises, destinations and activities as well as accommodations and make the most of your vacations with Smart Travel & Incentives. If you travel frequently and want to travel more, find out how Smart Travel & Incentives   can help you.



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